Truck Accidents

Proving Negligence By Truckers And Trucking Companies

Truckers spend hours on the road each day. For most drivers, being behind the wheel that long would make them antsy and distracted. To help ensure truckers remain focused on the road, they are required to take regular breaks, and there are limits on the number of hours they can work in any day.

When the rules are followed, they can help keep everyone on the road safe. However, when truckers falsify their logbooks or when trucking companies knowingly allow unsafe drivers to drive thousands of miles through Virginia, it puts everyone at risk.

At the law office of CarluzzoRochkind& Smith, P.C., we are committed to holding negligent truckers and trucking companies liable for careless actions, including:

  • Drivers who overdrive the road conditions, such as failing to slow down for bad weather
  • Lack of sleep or overloading on caffeine to fight fatigue
  • Unbalanced loads
  • Overweight loads that prevent the truck from braking fast enough
  • Poor truck maintenance
  • Truckers speeding to make deadlines
  • Trucking companies that fail to do appropriate background checks

Because of the size difference between cars and trucks, truck accident victims often suffer severe or fatal injuries. Our Manassas truck accident attorneys know that there is no amount of money that can make the situation better, but it can help alleviate the stress caused by egregious medical bills or funeral expenses.

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