Whiplash Injuries

If you experienced whiplash in your car accident, it is critical that you seek medical attention immediately.

  • Was your vehicle hit from behind?
  • Did your head snap violently forward or in any direction from the collision?
  • Are you experiencing any sort of stiffness, numbness or pain in your neck or upper back?
  • Even if it seems minor, you could have permanent damage if it’s not taken care of by a medical professional who specializes in whiplash injuries.

Your visits to a hospital or clinic can be compensated along with any lost wages due to your injury, costs of rehabilitation, pain and suffering damages, and potential long-term care costs. At CarluzzoRochkind& Smith, P.C., we help accident victims and whiplash injury victims throughout Prince William County, Northern Virginia and the Washington, D.C., area recover the maximum compensation that they deserve after being hit by a negligent driver.

Minimize The Hardships Of Your Whiplash Injury — We Handle All Upfront Legal Costs

If you’ve already spoken with your insurance company, you’ve likely been offered some kind of coverage out of your auto insurance. This might seem tempting to accept, but it’s likely that you’ll be able to recover much more for your future if you retain our legal services.

Insurance companies like to tell the victim that since there was little property damage to his or her vehicle, a judge and jury will not believe that anyone could have been injured. Yet, what insurance companies fail to mention is that motor vehicles today are built to withstand a 15 to 20 mph rear-end impacts, but passengers are not.

If you haven’t spoken with your insurance company yet, you should contact our firm first. Our attorneys in Manassas handling whiplash and neck injury cases can meet with you at your convenience, and we will gain a thorough understanding of your needs in the short and long term before building a strategy for your unique case.

You might have additional injury claims to make beyond your whiplash injury.

Our team will independently investigate your case and collaborate with medical experts and life-care planners to establish the full value of your case.

We are experienced trial lawyers who will counter the insurance company’s attempts to minimize and deny your coverage. Make sure that you have the legal representation that puts your interests first and is ready to pursue the compensation that you need for a comfortable and financially secure future.

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