Mary Kenderdine – Manassas
Jon Rochkind has been a godsend! He represented me to obtain a protective order, custody, and child support within a few months of filing. Going to court gives me anxiety, but his confidence and determination put me at ease. Five years later, he is still advocating for me. I simply call him, and he calls me back in the same day with an effective solution. I will never step foot into a courtroom without him by my side!”

Name Withheld Upon Client’s Request – Manassas
“I saw Mr. Ben Smith Esq. in the courtroom defending his clients. When I needed a lawyer for my Personal Injury Case, I went to him. He is very organized; never misses any details. I trusted him 100% because he was always honest with me and told me what he really thought. With his life long experience as a personal injury lawyer, he knew what would happen next and his guidance helped me go through the process much easier.”

Name Withheld Upon Client’s Request – Haymarket
Todd Bunn, Esq. was very informative, compassionate, helpful and caring in handling my Estate Administration matter to recover funds. He handled my case in a very timely manner, which I very much appreciated. I would definitely use his services again should the occasion arise. Thanks to him I received the funds in a timely manner and brought closure to this matter.”

Name Withheld Upon Client’s Request – Northern Virginia
“My wife and I used an estate lawyer from Carluzzo, Rochkind & Smith to set up a trust. Her depth of knowledge was amazing, but even more impressive was her ability to explain these complex strategies to us in terms we could understand. Everyone’s time is tight, and we appreciated ALL the time she spent with us. We never felt rushed, and that was important to us. Our financial advisor has worked with numerous trust lawyers in Northern Virginia over the years and he was very impressed with Jane’s work. She is a top-notch trust lawyer who I would recommend without reservation.”

Jennifer Ridgeway – Manassas
“I cannot say enough wonderful things about working with David Armistead! He is incredibly knowledgeable and takes the time to really make sure his clients understand each situation and what their options are. If you are looking for someone who takes pride of ownership in what they do, is extremely competent and has a fantastic demeanor, look no further!”

Stacie Elliott – Northern Virginia
“I have worked with Azadeh Malek for a few years now. She has handled my extensive custody case professionally and had been very effective in the court room. She even has the added difficulty of me being across the country for all of this. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a sharp and determined lawyer.”

Deebolewis Lew – Northern Virginia
“Great company and persistent. Thank you so much Mr. David Bayne for being an excellent attorney. Definitely will refer Carluzzo Rochkind to friends and family!”

Virginia Lawyer, Name Withheld Upon Request – Manassas
“I have worked with Jon Rochkind and known him as a lawyer going back 20 years. He is very strong trial lawyer and has achieved some wonderful results. He fights hard for his clients and leaves no stone unturned. When it comes to personal injury law and knowledge of Virginia Rules and Procedure, there is nobody more knowledgeable in this area. I have referred him cases and would only do so under the premise that the client is in wonderful hands.”

Name Withheld Upon Client’s Request – Manassas
Ben Smith was my lawyer for my personal injury case. He was very thorough & kept me informed every step of the way. He was very professional in every aspect of the case. All the staff was very friendly & helpful to deal with.”

Name Withheld Upon Client’s Request – Prince William County
Todd D. Bunn, Esquire was extremely polite and professional, and made a long drawn out estate issue have a positive conclusion. He kept me informed through every step of the process and promptly sent all relevant documentation for my files.”

Steven Goodnight – Manassas
“Working with one of the estate lawyers Carluzzo, Rochkind & Smith was simple, straight forward and a pleasure. I’m really glad I trusted them to help me with settling my Mom’s estate and would definitely work with this law firm again if needed!”

Sara Cook – Manassas
“My family and I have used David Armistead for a variety of legal issues throughout the last ten years. We came across David while we were looking for an lawyer to handle a couple of name changes. That evolved into him handling four or five other legal circumstances that have affected my family since. He has handled everything from estate planning to traffic and criminal issues for our family. David is an incredibly competent and devoted lawyer who has a very thorough understanding of and involvement with Northern Virginia Law. I recommend him consistently, for any legal matter friends and family are facing.”

Jose Giron – Northern Virginia
“Everyone knows that hiring a lawyer or even entering a law office can be a very stressful and life-changing decision. You are ultimately placing your fate and future in the hands of strangers. If I ever had to do it all over again, I would most definitely still choose Azadeh Malek at Carluzzo Rochkind & Smith, P.C. Azadeh, is a down-to-earth straight shooter who consistently demonstrates an unparalleled thoroughness and accuracy. Azadeh is friendly, assertive, honest, and very knowledgeable of the law. When coupled with her strong writing ability, compassion for her clients, and willingness to listen, Azadeh has truly been a blessing for my family. If you ever need a lawyer, you can’t go wrong with Azadeh Malek at Carluzzo Rochkind & Smith, P.C.”

Stefanie Ries – Northern Virginia
“I’m so grateful for David Bayne’s help on my workers comp case. His knowledge and efficiency with work injury cases made an otherwise frustrating, confusing, and overwhelming experience into a clear and straight-forward process for me. I was so concerned with the legal process following my injury but David spent the time to explain each step and ensure I understood and agreed with the terms and decisions following each correspondence, action, etc. One of the best decisions I’ve made was reaching out for his help.”

Virginia Lawyer, Name Withheld Upon Request – Fairfax
Jon Rochkind is a skilled and well experienced trial lawyer. Further, he is friendly and very courteous and professional to not only his clients but to opposing counsel. I believe he works hard to do what is right for his clients. He is a well respected member of the bar.”

Name Withheld Upon Client’s Request – Northern Virginia
“Three things about divorce lawyer Ben Smith:
1. He is personable – he was always courteous and respectful.
2. His knowledge of divorce law is such that he is able to navigate the court in a very proficient and efficient way.
3. He has the ability to communicate to you your best options. Whichever option you choose, with dedication and honesty, he will more likely than not get the result you desire.”

Name Withheld Upon Client’s Request – Woodbridge
Todd Bunn provided timely and effective advice for my situation.”

Name Withheld Upon Client’s Request – Prince William
David Armistead is incredibly helpful and informative. Answered all of my questions honestly and thoroughly. Quick to respond back to calls & e-mail. I highly recommend him. Superb & Honest!”

Name Withheld Upon Client’s Request – Chantilly
“As a professional healthcare provider, my schedule is very busy and demanding however, I selected the lawyer from Carluzzo, Rochkind & Smith, P.C. to represent me in court. He listened to my concerns and appeared genuinely concerns about its impact on me and my family. In preparation for court, he emailed or telephone me to discuss issues whether good or bad, and we implemented a plan of action to resolve any problems. He was presented with the evidence to support my allegations against the defendant. During the court proceedings, he demonstrated an outstanding mastery of his professional skills as a lawyer focusing and skillfully prioritizing the evidence. When faced with my request, demands and deadlines, he met the challenge. I highly recommend this lawyer to any clients needing legal assistance.”

Britney Cuffee – Northern Virginia
“Azadeh Malek is truly incredible. Not only is she detailed oriented, resilient, invested in her work, and laser-focused, but she also operates with the utmost professionalism while providing an exceptional service that is unmatched. Azadeh is personable, smart, thorough and patience. While I am certain that my family’s case wasn’t the only thing on her plate, she never missed a beat, and we never felt ignored/neglected. Azadeh was always upfront and transparent with us. My family and I are forever grateful for everything she’s done for us. I can confidently say that we wouldn’t be thriving as we currently are without all of her dedication, hard work, and perseverance. She is amazing! Azadeh Malek and the office of Carluzzo Rochkind & Smith, P.C. are, hands down, the absolute best thing! Every experience, phone call, conference, from the very first consultation until now, has exceeded every expectation.”

Name Withheld Upon Client’s Request – Manassas
Ben Smith was very supportive and worked very hard to make sure I received everything that was due to me through divorce. He gave 110% towards my case and I felt very thankful to be represented by him. The office staff was just as supportive and helpful. Would definitely and have recommended them.”

Suzan Dodson – Prince William County
“We have worked with David Armistead for about two years for a number of legal issues. He has always provided realistic expectations and provided us reassurance during the court shut downs due to COVID. David has been there at all times during the day and weekends to answer questions or provided guidance. I highly recommend David for any civil issues. He will be our first call for any court related issues in the future!”

Eric Cline – Northern Virginia
“I had the pleasure of having Todd Bunn represent me in what I had expected to be simple domestic relations issue. Then a life event changed the direction to estate administration. Todd very quickly and easily transitioned to a new dynamic of managing a difficult situation. Through his guidance, he made decisions for me easy and brought the issue to conclusion very quickly. I am most happy with his personable nature and professionalism.”

T. Johnson – Northern Virginia
Azadeh Malek is absolutely the best guardian ad litem that I’ve had to work with. She really knows how to interact with kids and it is quite clear that she makes them her top priority. She goes above and beyond with her duties and responsibilities, and there is no doubt she is the best at what she does. Highly recommend!!”

Hirut Yigezu – Northern Virginia
“I have worked with Ben Smith on my case for about a year and he has shown me nothing but hard work and commitment to our case. He closed my case in such a quick time I was so surprised and happy. Communication with him was very smooth and he replied very fast which helped keep me motivated in tough times such as this. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has a case and needs assistance. Thank you for all you have done for me and kids!”

Dominique Best – Northern Virginia
Azadeh Malek has been amazing in helping our family during this difficult time. Her knowledge and compassion is unparalleled. We are truly blessed to receive her help.”

Rochelle B. – Northern Virginia
“My case was a small claims case that made sense to handle myself. The only thing I really needed was some advice. I got that advice from Mr. Ben Smith, in terms I understood and what I needed to do to try and win this on my own, as I was going against a insurance attorney. I had spoken with quite a few attorneys, and if I ever were to need something in the future I would 100% go with this firm. If this message somehow gets back to Mr. Smith please let him know the girl with the 19 year old car won her case plus all my fees and the interest I asked for, and send him a huge thank you!!”

Sandra Minero – Northern Virginia
Mister Benjamin M. Smith is the best lawyer he got my divorce done in less than two months. I highly recommend him.”

S. Adams – Northern Virginia
“If you want a hard charging and dedicated lawyer who will win your legal case for you, then Mr. David Armistead is the lawyer for you. He was amazing and impressive to watch while in court up against the opposing lawyer. David was at the top of his game and pulling out all the stops and ideas to help me win. I was so happy and proud that he was my lawyer.”

Endu Hailu – Northern Virginia
“The cosmos were sure lined up for me when I found Mr. Ben Smith. He helped me with a property settlement, divorce, child support and child custody. He was patient with me while I worked through the emotional roller coaster and firm with me when we needed to get the ball rolling. He was patient, extremely detailed, looked out for my best interests and was worth EVERY penny. Thank you for seeing me through this difficult time and getting me across to the other side.”

Noah Sicard – Northern Virginia
Mr. David Armistead 10/10, thorough and pays attention to detail. Ensured our case was strong and prepped and aware of all possible issues we may run into in the process. Very helpful and informative looking forward to continue working with him in the future. Recommended if your looking for a firm no BS lawyer to help you fight your legal battles.”

Steven Wescott – Northern Virginia
“I was sued for $500,000 because of a traffic accident … And then I wasn’t. That’ll get 5 stars from me for sure.”

Justin Combs – Northern Virginia
“We had a very complex civil case which was tied to a criminal case and we needed an attorney who could navigate both areas. Azadeh Malek was recommended to us by another attorney and we are so glad we decided to hire her. Azadeh effectively represented our interests and provided us with strategic options. She understood both criminal and civil law, was prepared, and worked well with all parties involved. This is what we were expecting when we initially hired her. What we didn’t expect was Azadeh’s dedication to our cases. She was amazing! She was honest with us and invested in the outcome. I have worked with many other attorneys, and Azadeh was their equal with regard to knowledge, legal theories, and court room eloquence, but she FAR exceeded the rest in terms of heart. Again, she was amazing!”

Diane Sharp – Northern Virginia
Todd Bunn was extremely knowledgeable in assisting me with my Mother’s estate. I could not have closed out her estate without him. He is very experienced with Estate issues and I highly recommend him without a doubt. He is also very experienced with preparing Wills and POAs, as he has assisted me with those as well.”

Steve Philips – Northern Virginia
Azadeh Malek is a great attorney and truly fights for her clients. Could not have asked for a better lawyer to take on my case. Highly Recommend.”

Dorothy Roberts – Northern Virginia
“An incident occurred causing significant harm to my vehicle and to myself. I reached out to many attorneys one after another and what I was hearing was that it was not worth their time. When I contacted Carluzzo Rochkind & Smith, Ben Smith returned my call, listened to my experience and was a complete turn around from the other attorneys. He listened, expressed concern and was a great support during the whole thing. I am so thankful for finding Ben Smith!!! This is a great law firm!!”

Kristina Fox – Northern Virginia
“So grateful to Ben Smith, who helped me with a rock solid PSA that has stood the test to two challenges from my ex! When it came time to help me advocate for changes, he was helpful, efficient, and got me what I asked for!”

Muhammad Ali Shahzad – Northern Virginia
David D. Armistead III, the first lawyer I had to hire in life to defend me and get me out of a weird and complicated case, he knows what he was doing. The best part is his 3 hats, you will get to know that once you work with him. And yes the judgement was in my favor. Very dedicated and hardworking lawyer.”

Bilal Ahmed – Northern Virginia
David Armistead is the guy to go to. He knows how to tackle complicated cases. Easy to talk to.”

V St – Northern Virginia
“We have had a wonderful experience with Azadeh Malek. She has been working with my family as a GAL for almost 2 years now and it is easy to see that she genuinely cares for her clients and goes above and beyond to make sure that they are protected and safe. If you want someone who will go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that the families she works with feel heard, respected, and understood, then she is the one to go to. Being in court is always difficult, but when there is someone who genuinely cares for your child and makes sure their best interests are represented it makes the process just a little bit easier.”

Jerry Curry – Northern Virginia
David Armistead was very helpful and knowledgeable in assisting my family and I in a PWC and contractor permitting issue. We appreciated his professionalism. Great job.”

Jose Henriquez – Northern Virginia
Mr. Todd is a very knowledgeable person, also a very friendly person. I’m happy to know him.”

Eric Schnabel – Northern Virginia
“Excellent Legal Services! Quick, Easy and Efficient. I received more than I was asking for.”

Washma Nasher Gardezi – Northern Virginia
Ben Smith was a PHENOMENAL attorney when it came to getting my divorce. I had spent a whole year with another firm and things just dragged on with no resolution and so much money spent. I decided to change counsel and during my first consultation with Ben I was confident he knew what to do and how to get it done, and he delivered. Not only did he resolve my divorce in less than 4 months but he is extremely knowledgeable in family law and truly had my best interest. He got me a great custody and support plan, something I could never get with my original attorney. He always answered my calls and emails and kept me in the loop of any changes or court filings immediately. I wish I had come to him sooner but I am so thankful to have found him and have him represent me in my divorce. I will always refer him to anyone in the same situation. He is truly the best ever and I am so grateful for him!”

Peggy Charles – Northern Virginia
Azadeh Malek is one of the best GAL’s I have had. She goes above and beyond to ensure the well being and safety of the child. She listens to what you have to say and answers every question honestly without beating around the bush. She has had sleepless nights talking to my granddaughter through text to ensure she was okay mentally and physically. She has helped my granddaughter emotionally, physically and mentally. I could not ask for a more kind, sympathetic and caring person for my granddaughter. She will definitely not disappoint you.”

Devon & Evan – Northern Virginia
Azadeh Malek is incredible to work with! She really cares about the work, and that comes through in everything she does.”

Meca – Northern Virginia
“If you are looking for an amazing and passionate attorney that will fight for you until the end regarding family issues, David Armistead is who you will want to retain. He is 100% professional and straight forward and honest.”

Towanna – Northern Virginia
“Thank you Azadeh for bringing clarity and support to a challenging situation.”

Angela Marie – Northern Virginia
“I have shared my utmost gratitude to Ms. Azadeh Malek for the positive impact and role she’s had on my family’s life, but no amount of words can ever truly express or show her just how thankful I am or how important and essential she is for our children.

“If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being in Family Court, I cannot express enough how fortunate you will be if the Judge appoints Ms. Malek as your child’s Guardian Ad Litem. She perfectly exemplifies one who is in their profession for all the right reasons; someone who truly stands by and is passionate about ensuring the advocacy and protection of our children. She is a blessing from God and is absolutely meant to be an Advocate Attorney in her lifetime.

“She is personable, gentle, and a genuine, kind-hearted human being. Despite being a professional attorney, the moment she met my son, she shifted gears and the child within her surfaced which brought him immediate comfort and trust. Her interactions and communication weren’t forceful or interrogatory in the slightest — she genuinely wanted to connect, engage, and establish a friendship with my son to ensure he was comfortable in opening up with his heartfelt thoughts, opinions, wants and desires. She could have made the visits short, but she stayed just to continue playing and hanging out with him. He connected with her so deeply and enjoyed being around her, so much so, that he made it a point that the next visit was planned before she left the house. After their visit, he couldn’t stop talking for days about how much fun he had with her and was wanting me to text her to ensure and confirm he’d see her again.

“I could honestly go on for days speaking about how amazing this woman is. You can either agree or disagree with the outcome of her recommendations in Court but either position, you having any opinion of her, good or bad, means she’s doing her job well in focusing on the needs and best interests of your child/ren, not you. Your child is in the most capable of and good hands with Ms. Azadeh Malek — 110%.”

Congratulations to JONATHAN S. ROCHKIND who was nominated by his peers and selected as a Super Lawyer for both Virginia and Washington D.C. Super Lawyers are lawyers who have attained a high-degree of peer recognition and professional achievement in their state, and no more than 5% of actively practicing lawyers in each state are selected to this list.

Our law firm would like to congratulate former law partners the Honorable STEPHEN S. SMITH and the Honorable TRACY C. HUDSON for their appointment to the bench for the Circuit Court for Prince William County (the 31st Judicial Circuit of the Commonwealth of Virginia). Both Judge Smith’ and Judge Hudson’s investitures will take place on July 10, 2015.

Congratulations to DENNIS R. CARLUZZO who was selected as a Lifetime Member on Rue Ratings’ Best Attorneys of America list. Mr. Carluzzo is one of less than 1% of all lawyerss in the United States to be selected to this list.

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